Build With Pride. Together We Achieve.

Hong Kong's leading formwork, falsework and working platform solution company with over 30 years of experience (HKCIC Registered Specialist Trade Contractor (RSTC): C011024 (Scaffolding and Formwork)).

We specialize in designing and delivering ringlock scaffolding, soldier falsework system and custom temporary works, offering safe, practical and cost-effective solutions to our clients. Our businesses ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

Our History 

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Robert started his career in the construction industry in the 1970s. He specialised in supplying metal scaffolding and formwork products when he was working in SGB and RMD, two of the largest suppliers in the industry. 

During those days, he worked with different contractors and consultants, and, one day, he found that subcontractors often didn't have the design support that they need for their job tasks. 

Therefore, he used his free time to offer his expertise in engineering to sub-contractors so that their work can be carried out more smoothly. Because of that, He also got the chance to learn more about their day-to-day practical needs.  

Until finally, he realised that the absence of a technical team for subcontractors is often the main cause of many safety and budget problems. He set out to lead a team of engineers to provide professional, safe and cost-effective solutions to contractors. 

"What we are doing here is bridging the huge knowledge and communication gaps between the subcontractors and consultants. We are offering to contractors professional design services that won't otherwise be available to them." ---Ir. Robert Ng, Founder and Managing Director  

Our Values 

• Respect the industry standards for safety and cater the practical needs during the construction process.    

• Grow with the industry and adopt innovative solutions.  

• Provide family-like experience to staff and customer partners.  

• Promote joint effort and mutual benefits.