IVE (VTC) Student Work Internship Program

From year 2020 onwards, we will participate in the IVE (VTC) student work internship program to provide students with a real working environment, giving them the opportunity to develop their strengths, apply professional knowledge and skills to their work, and lay the foundation for their future professional development. Students can improve their professional knowledge and skills through the internship program to contribute to the company, and they can also obtain guidance and valuable advice from their instructors.

The company will appoint employees as mentors to students to guide students' work and give advice.


Testimonials From Former Interns


“During this internship, I learned some professional engineering skills and knowledge in this company. For professional engineering knowledge, I learned a lot about formwork, metal scaffolding and work platform. Among them, scaffolding design is where I spent most of my time. In this industrial attachment internship, I have assisted in design many different types of metal scaffolds. It was a good opportunity for me to get a better understanding of the metal scaffold standards. For each individual scaffold, there are always areas where more attention is needed. Scaffolds safety should be considered when designing metal scaffolding structures. Through proper planning, design and construction methods, and the sequence of scaffolding, using the correct methodologies can eliminate or greatly minimize work hazards. For these metal scaffolds, technical inspections, maintenance and dismantling are always required. For detailed specifications, I have learnt that we can check some various safety guidelines relating to metal scaffolding.


On the other hand, I have gained more knowledge in engineering techniques. During my stay at FARS, my main job is to assist the design team to prepare engineering drawings for customers. Therefore, I had to quickly improve my computer drafting skills to keep up with their work. Fortunately, my colleague always used their precious time to teach me how to use AutoCAD more efficiently so that I can start and finish my work quickly. I strongly believe that this AutoCAD drawing skill I have improved can definitely be used in different ways in the future. Overall, it was a very enjoyable and eye-opening experience for me."


-Henry Ng (Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering, IVE (Tuen Mun)-2021 Spring)


"The internship of nearly three months passed by in a flash. Feel likes it was just yesterday when I first came to the company on the first day; I will miss working here. From getting to know and integrating into the team, to imparting work skills and guidance, I was a little nervous and careless at the beginning. But, luckily, my colleagues were all very friendly and patient with me, giving me time to get used to the working environment and work pace. It is also during this process that I get to realize my weaknesses and shortcomings, and also learn how to work with an efficient team. With this internship experience, I believe it will lay an important foundation for me to start working in any workplace after graduation."


-Hugo Yip (Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, IVE (Tsing Yi)-2021 Spring)


2020 environmental management goals

Through various environmental conservation measures, the company's 2020 environmental management goals:

-Avoid using unusable product packaging, including pallets, etc.

-Avoid generating any waste in business activities, and install files and records electronically.

-Reduce paper consumption by 10% compared with 2019

-Reduce energy consumption by 5% compared to 2019