6 Practical Traits to Energize Your Civil Engineering Career

2021-02-23 加盛工程

The world today is highly competitive and contractors with the best training, education, and experience often find multiple professional opportunities and options. For those aspiring to be civil engineers in Hong Kong, it's crucial to have the essential civil engineering skills that are necessary for the success of your professional journey.


Civil engineering is an interesting career one can choose, but also the most important one. Without civil engineers, we wouldn't have roads, dams, buildings, and bridges. If you aspire to be a civil engineer, here are some of the qualities you need to possess:


1. Creativity

Civil engineers face complex uncertainties in the line of duty every day. They should provide efficient solutions to solve emerging problems. You should have the ability to 'think outside of the box' and devise innovative solutions and follow them through.


2. Responsiveness

Communicate effectively; being proactive by responding to your team helps you get across any technical issues and take on board the ideas and suggestions of others in the team.


3. Proper knowledge and skills

Have the necessary skills and knowledge for you to perform any project. The acquired knowledge should help you understand design techniques and work with maps, drawings, and models. Practical lessons prepare you for action and boost your experience.


4. Time management

As a professional civil engineer, you need to have an efficient and accurate timeline. This guides you to develop optimal schedules and sequence projects to minimize waiting periods and delays.


5. Project management

You should evaluate your work and comply with applicable laws, regulations, and standards that regulate land use and construction to protect the natural ecosystem. Additionally, your work should be within the stipulated budgets and time frames.


6. Leadership skills

You should have relevant leadership skills to guide your team who are part of the project. This involves being able to plan, manage time effectively, delegate duties when necessary, make decisions with confidence and motivate your team.


Are You an Aspiring Civil Engineer in Hong Kong?

Here's the basic requirement for you:


First, you need to complete your secondary studies and perform well in languages, mathematics, and science subjects. Apply for any tertiary institution (certified by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers) offering civil engineering. Apply for Scheme A Training which provides you with the necessary skills and experience in the practical world.Once done with scheme A training, register with the Engineers Registration Board (ERB) for licensing purposes and eligibility to look for commercial civil engineering contracts.


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