A Formwork Material Alternative to Timber

2021-03-09 加盛工程

For years timber has been the concrete for the contractor's formwork preference. The reason is that wood is easy to replace and dismantle, lightweight, inexpensive and easy to understand, and easy to cut to a desirable size. 


When looking for an alternative formwork material is a vital element to successful concrete construction. Your choice can significantly affect your schedule: the quality and the total cost and the labour requirements. 


Plastic formwork

Our ecosystem is imbalanced due to a lot of deforestation that has occurred for the past years. We can prevent deforestation by using plastic formwork as an alternative to wood formwork since it is an eco-friendly reusable, recyclable alternative.  


Plastic formwork alternative is the latest innovation, famous for its speedy construction, lightweight and accurate in the formwork industry.


Advantages of plastic formwork alternative

  • Perfect quality and has a great re-usability
  • Great resistance to water
  • Light in weight and easy to handle
  • Preparation of complex formwork shaped is easy
  • Damaged plastic sheets can be recycled to make new sheets


Take away

Formwork is a concrete construction that's a crucial element. Choosing the right formwork is vital. Just as selecting the perfect formwork, it's also essential to consider the best formwork alternative.Contact us To get the best formwork alternative that will make your construction easier, stronger, and cheaper, and help you conserve the environment.