Hong Kong & Architecture

2021-06-29 FARS Engineering

Three stunning buildings in HK


With a superb skyline that is considered to be one of the best in the world, Hong Kong is known to have artistry appreciated worldwide. Even Hong Kong's residents couldn't help but be in awe of its great architectural masterpieces. From carefully retaining its traditional heritage sites to modern contemporaneous designs, let's explore three of Hong Kong's architectural magnun opus:


1.1881 Heritage




This amazing architectural design was a former Marine Police Headquarters Compound which housed the Marine police from 1884 to 1996. It has been standing tall and proud for more than 130 years and has been carefully restored and renovated by architectural prowess. Now, it stands as a cultural  landmark for luxury shopping, fine dining, and top class hotel accommodation in Hong Kong and is famously knows as "1881 Heritage". Not only is it a prime shopping destination, it is also conveniently located at the center of Tsim Sha Tsui cultural and shopping hub, which can be made accessible by public transportation.


This site houses famous luxury brands such as, A. Lange & Sohne, Chaumet Paris, and Chopard. As for famous fine dining restaurants, it has The Cell., The Queen, and The Steak Room.


2. The Center




This astonishing skyscraper, standing at 1,135ft, is one of Hong Kong’s tallest building.  Fun fact: Its structure is entirely made of steel with no reinforced concrete core! It is one of a few skyscrapers in Hong Kong which is built in such a way. What does that mean? Firstly, Steel is non-combustible which means that the building won’t be prone to any friendly nor hostile fires. Should there be any initiated internally, it won’t affect the structure and the building will stand intact. Secondly, it resists shattering and splintering during extreme movement making it sturdy and absolutely durable. It will stand firm and steady during earthquakes. Lastly, in so far as the environment is concerned, the production of steel produces lesser greenhouse emissions, hence, minimal waste and pollution. It is equipped with top-notch safety features that ensures the protection and well-being of its occupiers. An absolutely unremarkable piece of art.


This state of the art building houses various commercial offices and corporate headquarters. It is one of those buildings which is famous for its top class location and amenities.


3. The Jockey Club Innovation




This incredible masterpiece was designed by Pritzker-prize winner architect Zaha Hadid. For your information, Pritzker Architecture Prize is awarded annually to architects who designed and built masterpieces using a combination of their outstanding talent, extraordinary vision, and unbelievable commitment. Their work has made a significant impact to humanity and was able to contribute meaningfully through the art of architecture. According to Zaha Hadid and her team, the inspiration of the building was to "dissolve ... the classic typography of tower and podium to create a seamlessly fluid new structure ... creating a building which is inherently organized and understood to visitors from the point of entry." It truly is eye-catching and it mesmerizes those who passes by. Due to its unique and meticulous design, it is one of the buildings in Hong Kong that tourists actually visit!


This stunning building is utilized by Hong Kong Polytechnic University that houses the School of Design which specializes in Environmental Design, Industrial and Product Design, Visual Communication, Advertising as well as Digital Design.